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The Perfect Note: Barber LTD
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"All Barber units tone hallmarks include greater clarity, note definition, and a wider range of tones and textures than other pedals available on the market today."

Barber LTD

IMAGE: Barber LTD IMAGE: Barber LTD inside

We at TPN are proud to announce that the Barber LTD overdrive pedal is now available. Rather than focus on the entire gain range available from very low to extremely high, David has focused in on the low to medium gain range, with stunning results. This is a pedal with a very natural voicing, letting the sound of your guitar and amp come through beautifully. There is no midrange hump here, only the mids needed for proper note support. We at TPN were BETA TESTERS for the LTD. Blues players and Classic Rockers will love the LTD. (Listen)

The LTD is now available for only $119.95! Call (413) 283-5592 Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. or email for more details.

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Barber Featured Product: Direct Drive
True to life overdrive with greatly reduced compression artifacts; this unit has it all... clarity, great guitar volume knob control, solid, punchy, articulate bass, gain range from a little juice to fat harmonic overdrive. Give your guitar playing a vintage voice with this stellar performer. The Direct Drive won the editor's pick award in the January, 2003 issue of Guitar Player Magazine! Now with all new fixed presence circuit and interior bass control. Only $119.95 plus shipping and handling.