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The Perfect Note: Barber Direct Drive '05
IMAGE: Barber Product Collage

"All Barber units tone hallmarks include greater clarity, note definition, and a wider range of tones and textures than other pedals available on the market today."

Introducing the new Barber Direct Drive '05 from The Perfect Note

2/14/05 The new Direct Drive retains all of the great tonal quality it is known for, with some cool new tweaks. Here is a description from Dave Barber.

"The Direct Drive has an internal adjustable bass control, and a new preset presence circuit right out of our EQ series of pedals. The presence circuit is tuned to replace the old version of "open air" that the DD used for the last year to get that "just right" in your face British sound.

The adjustable bass control was designed to keep the classic Direct Drive sound, but enable that deep breathy thump that players just die for. With no two amps or guitars having the same tonal response, having a bass adjustment allows for those final touches to dial in perfect tone.

The reason for the new Presence circuit is, after studying speaker technology for the last year and the effect of gap energy at different levels of volume and the resulting effect on tone, we wanted to make refinements to this already well loved pedal. The new presence circuit allows the DD to work with a wider range of speakers and has LESS chance of sounding "fizzy" with tight tolerance vintage reproduction speakers.

All around the updates keep ALL of the cool sound of the DD and add adjustability, versatility and TONE that are unheard of in this price range...not to mention knocking the socks off "hype of the week" drives that cost up to four times as much.

Still hand built and tuned in the USA, only $119.95"

call (413) 283-5592 or email to check availability and to purchase.

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Barber Featured Product: Direct Drive
True to life overdrive with greatly reduced compression artifacts; this unit has it all... clarity, great guitar volume knob control, solid, punchy, articulate bass, gain range from a little juice to fat harmonic overdrive. Give your guitar playing a vintage voice with this stellar performer. The Direct Drive won the editor's pick award in the January, 2003 issue of Guitar Player Magazine! Now with all new fixed presence circuit and interior bass control. Only $119.95 plus shipping and handling.